RFC Individual Coaching Order Form

Dear trainee,

You can use this form to signup for individual coaching for Phase 3 of your OBM Training Program.

By signing up you will effectively buy a voucher for 8 hours of individual coaching with a Certified OBM Instructor from Neotopia.

The voucher is valid until 31/12/2021 and can be spent on multiple coaching sessions. Each coaching session can be booked at Neotopia’s website (coming soon!).

Spent time is deducted from the voucher in units of 30 minutes. So if you have an online session of 54 minutes with your coach, 60 minutes will be deducted from the voucher.

The cost of € 1,360.- ex VAT will be invoiced to FC Corporate and will be cross charged to your cost center.

After purchasing you will receive a confirmation e-mail containing a unique ID. This ID is the voucher code that is connected to your name.

You can use this code when booking a session with your coach (you will be asked to enter it, so make sure you have it available).

Thank you for your purchase and we look forward to seeing you in Phase 3!

Kind regards,

Team Neotopia